Some Thoughts About, The Lost Letters, Papers, and Articles of Soamiji Maharaj, by James Bean

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Soamiji’s Well Under Renovation

CLEARLY, some of the contents of the letters, papers, and other material that Soamiji had collected seemed to greatly bother Chachaji, as if there was information contained therein that might cause some individuals to see things differently, to develop views that go against the official narrative about the life and teachings of Soamiji. Rather than treating the information “with due care”, in other words, adhering to the “correct” understanding, people might be able to draw different conclusions. He didn’t want those documents to fall into the wrong hands, or anyone’s hands, to be seen by anyone during those days or in the future, so he destroyed them all by tossing them down Soamiji’s well at Soami Bagh. This case reminds me of the history of early Christianity and the deliberate destruction of collections of the sayings of Jesus and other material by Orthodoxy to keep people from deviating from the official teachings of the church, a heresy prevention policy.

“Hearing him, Lala Tota Ram gave out a shriek and said, ‘O Chachaji Saheb, what have you done?’ Chachaji Saheb replied, ‘Brother, I know the value of these things. There is no knowing in whose hands these precious things will fall and whether they will be preserved with due care. That is why I thought that I should rather drop them in the well sanctified by Soamiji Maharaj Himself ‘.”

It’s very likely there would have been correspondence between Soamiji of Agra and Girdhari Sahib of Lucknow. Some of those letters could have dated back many years, long before 1860 or 1861, in other words. I’m sure they would have been quite informative! Any correspondence with Girdhari Sahib, or Tulsi Sahib, any satsangi anywhere, in Hathras, Lucknow, or all the correspondence with Soamiji’s own initiates — anyone and everyone anywhere — was totally erased forever.

“…He tied up into a bundle many letters of Soamiji Maharaj in His own handwriting, His other papers, as well as many articles of His use, and dropped the bundle into the well at Soami Bagh…”

Chachaji did miss one letter however: a short letter from Soamiji to his younger brother Rai Bindraban Saheb.

“Lala Tota Ram requested Chachaji Saheb to give him any letters or papers in the handwriting of Soamiji Maharaj or any articles of His use which Chachaji Saheb might still I have in his possession, so that they could be preserved in Satsang as relics. Chachaji Saheb’s reply was that he had no such thing with him anymore. But he promised to make a search, and if he could find anything he would give it to Lala Tota Ram. Four to six months thereafter, Chachaji Saheb brought a letter written by Soamiji Maharaj to Rai Bindraban Saheb and gave it over to Lala Tota Ram saying, ‘Take this. I could trace it to your luck.’

There are also five other letters from Soamiji that survive: all letters addressed to Huzur Maharaj (Rai Saligram). Those can be found in the Biography of Huzur Maharaj along with Huzur’s letters to Soamiji.

This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Path of the Masters, Surat Shabd Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God.

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