Remembering Sant Kirpal Singh (February 6th, 1894 — August 21st, 1974) on This Day — Make Each Breath an Offering

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Always live in the living present — in the living moment. Did you read my circular on that point? If you care for the living moment, you can care for eternity. Read the circulars and go into them deeply. If you care for the pennies, pounds will be saved, is it not so? If you keep your mind occupied every moment, then nothing can go wrong. It is given very briefly in the circulars. Brevity is the soul of all creation. The Master’s sayings are very brief, but to the point.

If you watch your present moment, then everything is all right. If you don’t care, sometimes for hours you’re oblivious and in those vacant hours there’s so much trouble that comes up which affects your meditations. So when you sit for meditation, forget the past, forget the future; live in the living present. This is the one thing that will give you success in your meditations. But the vacant hours in which you’ve not kept the mind occupied with some constructive thought affect your meditation.

So that is the remedy that accounts for all these things: If you would pass your every hour in peace, with no ill will against anybody and no attachment to anybody, if you can pass each hour like that for one day, then continuously for some days, no such ramifications of mind will come up to affect your meditations. We are frittering away our moments of life in suchlike pursuits. Kabir says, “Make each breath you take the offering to your Master.” Do you follow what I have said? Every breath you take, make it an offering to your Master. This is very valuable, Kabir says, and we fritter away a fortune. If a dying man wishes to stay for a few minutes longer, he cannot.

How frivolously we kill our time. Every moment of life is very valuable. Make the best use of it. When death overtakes us, that is the time you say, “Oh, had some time been given to me, I would have done this and that thing.” Is it not so? But you cannot get time then which you have frittered away so ruthlessly, so cruelly. Kabir says, “In one breath he crossed three planes: physical, astral, causal.” One breath is very valuable.

(The Ambrosial Hour, page 33 — from an evening talk given February 20, 1971, at Master’s house on Rajpur Road, Dehra Dun, India)

So my best wishes are with you. That’s all I can say. That Power is within you, watching you, your every tendency, every thought. And It is extending all feasible help and protection without asking for it. So it is a great blessing to have somebody living on earth like us to guide [us]. You are all dear to me. Why? Because you have been put on the Path, as such we are all brothers and sisters, real relatives, this is such a relation which cannot be broken after death. How fortunate you are! If you do care, [pause] so that’s all right. This is the sum total of all teachings in these few words. If you will live by them, you will progress even more than me. I pray that you all become ambassadors. But we should be sincere in word, thought and deed.

Now I am going today [to the next stop on the Tour]. All of you who have come from outside, you should have your own way back. Those who would like to go further, if they can well afford it, their circumstance they know, I have no objection. But perhaps you will have to make your own arrangements. Whatever possible those people also will do, but don’t go totally dependent on them.

You follow my point now? Be regular in your meditations. No ill will for anybody. Be truthful, be chaste in thought, and love for all. You are not born to live for your own selves. You are man: man is one who lives for others, not for his own self only. And be regular in devoting your time to come in contact with All-Consciousness within you, which is controlling all creation, and permeating all creation. Remain in any social body you like, that makes no difference. The purpose of all that is to reach God. The purpose of marriage is also to have a companion to help each other to know God. That will give you permanent joy and peace. With these words I think we should end. This is the best of the meditations, you see. Consider these points which I have placed before you. Five minutes, ten minutes. Take it to heart, and live up to them. Your faces will be shining gloriously if you live up to them. Your eyes will be open, bright.

(from, The Ambrosial Hour, Chapter 3, Factors Necessary for Progress, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, a talk given on October 12, 1972, in New York City, during Master Kirpal’s Third World Tour)

This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Path of the Masters, Surat Shabd Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God.

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