Meditate Every Day So That You Are Able To Reduce The Burden Of Your Karmas

2 min readApr 16, 2023

Kabir Sahib says, “We pass away our life just asking about the well-being of others.” Whenever we meet someone, we ask them — we greet them — and we generally ask them as to how they are. And they say that, ‘I am fine, with God’s Grace’, or ‘I’m fine, with the Masters Grace’. That is how we pass our time.

“So, everyone starts with saying, “I am fine, with God’s Grace.” But, if you spend about four or five minutes more with the person then, slowly, all the sorrows start falling out one by one and he starts pouring out his heart to the other.

Kabir Sahib says, “We pass time saying that we are fine, with the Grace of God. But everyone has two things which are there with him. One is fear and the other is old age.”

Old age and fear, if we have those, then how are we going to be saying that we are happy or we are content?

There are four stages in life and, in the old age, which is the fourth stage, it is quite painful because time is less and there are a lot of deeds to be redeemed. And this is because we have not done our meditation or Simran throughout the earlier stages of life. And we are faced with this short period of time where we have to redeem a lot of deeds. And, because of that, those come in the form of ailments and illnesses, which we have to suffer through.

Because, in that stage, we have to redeem our Kriyaman — the deeds that we have done in this lifetime — and the Pralabdh, anyways, will continue to take its toll. So, as life comes towards that third stage where the current deeds have to be redeemed in this lifetime, those come in the form of ailments, because we have not done our Simran to reduce the burden of these Kriyaman karmas.

Therefore, Masters say, “Do your Bhajan Simran every day. Do it for two, two and a half hours every day so that you are able to reduce the burden of your karmas. And also, the Grace of the Master is there with you, and He also reduces that burden for you. That way, at the time of death, we do not have to suffer a lot of these karmas on our body.”

— Baba Ram Singh, from a satsang discourse titled, Masters, Again And Again, Tell Us And, Through Their Bani, Remind Us That Life Is Not Permanent, August 13th, 2019




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