The Fall and Rise of the Gnostics — An Introduction to the Nag Hammadi Discovery

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“The Fall and Rise of the Gnostics”, Published in Inner Tapestry Journal — Read Online Here:

As I begin by addressing the fall of the Gnostics and this long dark slog through the matrix of history orchestrated by an iron hand of fate and it’s oppressive archon rulers, I do promise dear listeners there is a light beyond, a rising of the Gnostics again for those brave souls that keep reading.

Mother India has long been a place of refuge for countless religions and ethnic communities, an oasis where schools of spirituality have had the luxury of existing long enough to develop some fairly advanced yogic and meditation techniques for the purpose of exploring the Atman (Higher Self) and the Divine. Some of the world’s oldest sacred texts articulating their wisdom, preserved in the libraries of Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism have been read by countless millions over the ages. India has had it’s share of invading armies and difficulties, but what a difference a few thousand years can make if souls are free to openly follow their path! Amongst the thriving population are even some Gnostic survivors and other refugees who traveled there to be free to practice the faith of their ancestors, including some Parsis (devotees of Zoroaster), Thomas Christians of the Syriac Church of the East, Nestorians, and a few Manichaeans of the Silk Road…

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This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Path of the Masters, Surat Shabd Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God.

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