A Historic Agreement Between Masters, and Positive Support From Other Gurus, for the Murar Declaration of Sant Mat and Radhasoami Faith

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Below is a copy of one of the several documents that the secretary of Dayal Bagh sent to me a few years back about the Spircon 2010 inter-faith Sant Mat conference that took place in Agra.

Spircon 2010


In keeping with the concept of Murar Declaration and its objective, it was considered desirable to enlarge the basis for cooperation among different Centres of Radhasoami Faith in the light of the observations made by Param Guru Huzur Maharaj as cited in the note regarding Murar Declaration. Hence immediately following the two-day Seminar on Religion of Saints (“Sants”) — Radhasoami Faith: Spiritual Consciousness Studies” (SPIRCON-2010) which was held under aegis of Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University) and in which practitioners and scholars of Sant Mat from India and various parts of the world participated, it was decided to hold a Conclave of Leaders of different traditions of Radhasoami Faith on 14th November, 2010 at Dayalbagh. In sending out invitations for participation for the Conclave, three criteria were identified that they should

(1) recognise Param Purush Puran Dhani Soamiji Maharaj as Avtar of Radhasoami Dayal

(2) accept Radhasoami Naam as the true Nij Naam and consider

(3) the practice of Surat-Shabda-Yoga under the guidance of a living Sant Satguru as the way for attaining

Accordingly the letter of Invitation was sent to Revered Leaders of seven Centres and also the draft of proposed Declaration on the lines of the one adopted by the Sabha at Murar was sent for consideration. Revered Baba Kehar Singhji Maharaj of Taran Taran and Revered Kunwar Singh Sahab of Dinod participated in the Conclave. The Revered Leaders of Beas and Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission Delhi were going to be out of India on the dates set for the Conclave. Revered Baba Gurinder Singh ji Maharaj of Beas promising to visit Dayalbagh before the end of the celebrations did come on 16th March, 2011. He met Revered Dr. Prem Saran Satsangi Sahab and the two Leaders signed a General Statement declaring that “in all humility the two Satsangs declare once again their adherence in true letter and spirit to the guidelines contained in the Joint Statement (of Param Guru Sahabji Maharaj and Baba Sawan Singh ji Maharaj signed in 1932).” Revered Babaji was welcomed by President, Radhasoami Satsang Sabha on behalf of Satsangis of Dayalbagh of whom 7000–8000 were present and Satsang held. Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission has conveyed full support for Murar Declaration. Revered Agam Prasad Mathur Sahab of Pipal Mandi participated in the SPIRCON Seminar as Chief Guest of Honour and has indicated his support for the Declaration. Mahantji of Tulsi Math of Hathras attended SPIRCON throughout. Representatives of Soami Bagh and Dr. Hazra Group too were invited of which the latter attended SPIRCON.

At the Conclave held on 14th November, 2010 a Declaration was issued signed by Leaders of Dayalbagh Satsang, Dinod and Taran Taran Satsang. A copy each of the Declaration, as also of the Messages given by the three Leaders on the occasion are attached.


The following is the text of the Declaration which was signed by Revered Dr. P.S. Satsangi Sahab, Revered Baba Kehar Singh Sahab and Revered Kunwar Singh ji.

1. “Radhasoami Dayal incarnated Himself in the year 1818 in the form of Param Purush Puran Dhani Soamiji Maharaj in this world for the redemption of jivas. On Basant day in 1861, He declared open His Satsang to public in general which was an event of unparalleled Mercy since the beginning of creation. By His grace Satsang has been making steady progress ever since. The Nijdhar has continued to function in different human forms continuously. We have the assurance that the Nijdhar will not return until it had completed its task of redemption of all the jivas.

2. In course of time, several Centres of Radhasoami Satsang have got established. It is with the strength of Nijdhar that the Sant Satgurus of different Centres are maintaining progress of their respective communities.

3. We are all pilgrims treading the same path and desirous of reaching the same destination ultimately. Satsang movement has been started to spread the true religion and peace and tranquility in the world and to draw people towards the Holy Feet of Huzur Radhasoami Dayal. This object can be better served by maintaining mutual affection and brotherly relations among different Centres of Radhasoami Faith and working in cooperation to attain the common goal “as the object of worship of everyone is the same (i.e. Merciful Prem Patra Part III Radhasoami) and the Original Home of everyone is the same (i.e. Discourse 5, the Abode of Radhasoami) and the real teachers of everyone are the Para 101. same Bani and Discourses of Merciful Radhasoami, obviously then, all should have amity and heart-felt love and affection for each other.”

4. As Satsang completes 150 years, it is the right time to take an initiative in this direction. We recognise all those belonging to larger Radhasoami community who satisfy the following criteria:

(1) Recognise Param Purush Puran Dhani Soamiji Maharaj as Avtar of Radhasoami Dayal

(2) Accept Radhasoami Naam as the true Nij Naam and

(3) the practice of Surat-Shabda-Yoga under the guidance of a living Sant Satguru as the way for attaining salvation.

In order to strengthen the Satsang movement for attainment of its goal we make the following declaration:

(1) That all Satsang Centres and the Satsangis affiliated to them would maintain and promote brotherly relations and affectionate behaviour towards the followers of Radhasoami Faith attached to different Centres.

(2) Each Centre will continue to make separate arrangement for Satsang as it deems proper. It will be open to a Satsangi to join any Centre according to his/her inclination and to follow the lead of the Sant Satguru Whose Guidance he/she wants.

(3) Each Centre will be free to manage its properties according to its wishes but access to the shrines under their management will be provided to the followers of the Faith attached to different Centres.

(4) No Satsangi by any written word or utterance will make any statement which may be derogatory to other Satsang nor try to instil his/her ideas and feelings in the minds of others.

We enjoin upon Satsangis attached to various Centres to follow this Declaration in letter and spirit.

Prem Saran Satsangi: (signed)

Kunwar Singh: (signed)

Kehar Singh: (signed)
Taran Taran”

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