“When I was a young man I was regularly practicing both physical exercises and yoga asanas.” “My body was so flexible, it appeared as if it were made of rubber or foam and could be twisted in any way, or bent in any direction. If I had never practiced these exercises, and had attempted to perform them all on a single day, I would have had pain in my muscles for about a week. Since I practiced them regularly, there was no pain. Similarly, if we regularly withdraw from our body, then it becomes a simple and natural process for us.” (Darshan Singh Ji)

Illustrated: The Ocean of Infinite Spirit all in all, Reality, Timeless, Above, and a separate self identity with body, mind, and soul as an individualized “drop” of spirit experiencing below… for a time. These charts are so useful, images worth more than a thousand words.

Follow the path. Listen to the divine inner voice. Stay true to your self (surat, atman, soul,). The long view remains true.

Robin Trower lyrics — “Madhouse”:
“You’re all caught up
In a network of lies.”

“When you give birth to the one within you, that one will save you.” (Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas, from Saying 70, translation: A New New Testament, Hal Taussig)

The Syriac Mystic Martyrius:

Happy is that person of love who has caused God, who is love, to dwell in his heart.

Happy are you, O heart, so small and confined, yet you have caused him whom heaven and earth cannot contain to dwell spiritually in your womb, as in a restful abode.

Happy that luminous eye of the heart which, in its purity, clearly beholds him before whose sight the seraphs…

Baba Ram Singh Ji (Path of Sant Mat)

“It is with the good karmas of tens of millions of years and lives that one gets a human life. And it is with the Grace of God Almighty that we get the company of the Saints and are able to do meditation. This body has been given by God Almighty and it is the only body where one can transcend from a human being to God Almighty Himself. It is not only flesh and blood, but it is a temple, which has been created by God Almighty. In this body, God Almighty has kept sixteen planes and He has…

“The soul will experience suffering in the cycle of death and rebirth (samsara) — reincarnation after reincarnation — until it merges into the Supreme Soul (Divine), which is inseparable from the soul. The Divine exists in the Soundless State, but the living soul has descended into this realm of darkness.

“Maharishi Mehi Paramhans advises to begin the journey:

‘You have descended into this darkness from the Soundless State**. You are now far from your home in the Soundless Divine. You are caught here in this dark realm. Therefore, at this very moment, begin your journey homeward toward that Soundless State.’

“The sum total of these observations is that there is one power and one only — the Sound Current — which leads us from the eye center to our Spiritual Home. All other powers (without exception) keep us confined to the material and mental planes, giving us forms according to our actions. If, during lifetime, entry has been made into the eye center and the Sound Current (Bell Sound) has been grasped, life has been usefully spent. If this has not been done, even though all else has been done — and most successfully — then life has been wasted…

“Salig Ram, popularly known by the honorific ‘Huzur Maharaj’ and by the government-conferred title ‘Rai Bahadur,’ was born in Peepal Mandi, Agra, on 14 March 1829. He served as chief inspector of post offices in British India, and, in 1881, was Postmaster-General of the North-Western Provinces, based in Allahabad. He was the first Indian to hold the position. Salig Ram came in contact with his guru, Shiv Dayal Singh, in 1858 in Agra.” (excerpted from the Wiki entry for Salig Ram)

The Personal Diary of Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, as far as I am aware, has never been translated into English. The following account is the meeting between Soamiji and Huzur Maharaj for the very first time:

“Driven by an inner urge to seek a perfect guru, he visited many holy places in the country where he met many religious teachers and saints. He came to the conclusion that many reputed religious leaders were themselves laboring under delusion, and that they were deluding their disciples...”

“Pratap Singh expressed his inability to interpret the hymns and advised Huzur Maharaj to meet his…

When The Simran Increases, Our Love And Attention Automatically Gets Focused Within

“BABA JI USED TO ALWAYS SAY in His Satsang* that we should not look at Bhajan Simran as a burden. We should do it with love and affection. Without love and affection, it is not possible to do Bhajan, because our mind is outwardly bound to all outside attachments and desires. So, when we sit for meditation and it is not with love and affection, then it is a very dry kind of Bhajan and we don’t get the satisfaction from that Bhajan.

“Mahatmas say that there is…


This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Path of the Masters, Surat Shabd Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God.

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