The Word of Truth filled me, and in order that I might speak it. And like the flowing of water, truth flowed from my mouth, and my lips declared its fruits. And it increased in me it’s Gnosis, because the true Word is the mouth of the Lord and the gates of his Light. And the most high gave the Word to his Aeons, the interpreters of his beauty, and the narrator’s of his glory, and the confessors of his thought, and the revealers of his mind, and the teachers of his works. For the swiftness of the Word is…

Swami Vyasanand Conducting a Satsang

1. Worthiness of a Seeker: “A serious seeker has to prepare a fertile ground within his or her inner Self. The prerogative of God-realization and attainment of the vision of the Divine only belongs to the atman (inner Self) or consciousness within the body. However, it is not possible to accomplish this while engrossed in the distractions of the mind and the body. It is only possible by freeing us of these distractions while living in the body. To liberate us from the sensory distractions is not an easy task. However, it can be achieved with the grace of the…

Friend, without the Eternal Teacher,
you will wander aimlessly forever.
You will search and never find rest.
A shepherd once brought a lion’s cub,
to be reared among his sheep.
The cub romped and played among the sheep,
and did not know his own nature.
A wise lion finally appeared from the forest,
he filled the young lion’s heart with great fear.
The old lion took the younger one to the stream,
and showed him his true form.
The young lion, upon discovering his true self,
became uncontrollably happy.
The musk deer smells her own scent,
and foolishly searches for it elsewhere;
distressed in mind, she keeps on wondering:
“Where does that fragrance come from?”
Through his grace, the Teacher reveals
your true and intrinsic nature to you,
only then will you discover bliss beyond all words.
Kabir says, “O brothers and sisters of mine listen!
Turn around and merge into your Self.”

— Kabir, Songs of the Divine

“So, when you are here, you should do Simran* as much as possible, while you are walking, while you are eating, and while going about your other work. And with this, you will get the Grace of Baba Ji. Because, when we do Simran like this and then when we sit for meditation, it is the Simran, which we have done the day long, that helps us at the time of meditation. If we are not doing Simran, then our mind is scattered, and all the other things then affect our meditations. So, we should spend as much time as…

Icon image of a young Dadu Dayal and his spiritual master Buddhan, whose appearance greatly resembles Kabir

I believe in the Sant Dharam Das branch of Kabir Panth there was the practice of either channeling Kabir, or later gurus writing under the name Kabir, pen name, if you will. Something I’ve written about. This is reminiscent of the Corpus Hermeticum which contains many writings composed over many decades all attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. In the Sikh scriptures also, many of the gurus used “says Nanak” quite often, as if they were writing in the name of the first guru in the Sikh line, the founder: Guru Nanak.

The same is true in Buddhism and Christianity in texts…

I do like conceiving of the world religions as all being part of a kind of “wheel” of humanity. Toward the outer rim of the wheel are where the spokes are furthest apart illustrating each religion’s own unique language, geography, history, theology, culture, rituals, etc…. But as the spokes converge at the center of the wheel they reach a oneness, a unity. I see the mystic schools of spirituality in each of the world religions as occupying that innermost or most within part of the wheel where silence, contemplative meditation — the universal inner world of the Spirit — is the meeting-point or Reality shared by all souls.

Ever since God has created this whole Creation and has created the human body and human form, He has created the Path to go back, for the soul to go back, and meet God Almighty within the human form. This is not a Path created by any Mahatmas. It is a Path created by God Almighty Himself. It is a natural law that has made this. On the same Path, Saints have gone and met God Almighty with the Grace of Their Masters. …

“The sum total of these observations is that there is one power and one only — the Sound Current — which leads us from the eye center to our Spiritual Home. All other powers (without exception) keep us confined to the material and mental planes, giving us forms according to our actions. If, during lifetime, entry has been made into the eye center and the Sound Current (Bell sound) has been grasped, life has been usefully spent. If this has not been done, even though all else has been done — and most successfully — then life has been wasted…

Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram: “If someone’s mind is inordinately attracted towards some particular worldly affairs, or towards some particular person, or entertains strong feelings of enmity or grudge against anyone, then also he will have little love in the Holy Feet of the Supreme Being, and for this reason, his mind will not apply itself to devotional practices, and he will find little pleasure in them. To sum up, therefore, a true satsangi should as far as possible, detach himself [or herself] from worldly affairs every day, and should increase his love and attachment in the Feet of the Supreme…

“He who has once been initiated by a competent Master is assured, once and for all, his liberation from the bondage of mind and matter; it is but a question of time. The seed of spirituality sown in him is bound to sprout and fructify. The spirituality when awakened and the spiritual experience gained must develop, and the Master Power cannot rest contented until the child owned is reared and taken home to the house of the Father.

“Man has got himself so enmeshed in mind and the outgoing faculties that his release from them can only be brought about…


This Living School of Spirituality called Sant Mat is also known as: The Path of the Masters, Surat Shabd Yoga: Meditation on the Inner Light & Sound of God.

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